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A Call to See And The Cry Of Freedom

20.07.2017, Chuck D. Pierce


Adjusting Vision
In this month of freedom, I can see how the LORD is sovereignly adjusting our vision. The Spirit of God is opening our eyes so we see what is opposing us, and is saying, “Let me put a guard over your mouth so your heart doesn’t speak before you see. When you speak before you see correctly, you are creating a distorted atmosphere that is re-enforced by the enemy. Allow Me to open your eyes into a new dimension so you accurately perceive what lies before you.  There are things moving around you that you’re seeing as stable. In fact, you’re trying to stop things before I settle what is in motion around you. First, see the movement going on, and then watch Me start settling issues around you so you see the new form, the new door, the new opportunities, and the new vision I have for you!

Do not be as those who were in Babylonian captivity who became comfortable in the midst of their captivity and chose to remain with their captors, rather than join those who chose freedom. This is the time to begin to cry out to Me in a new way! I am a God who hears your cry, and if you will cry out to Me, know that I will break the chains of your captivity and bring you into a freedom. This is not a time to become comfortable, but let the cry of freedom ring forth and know that I am a God who hears and will answer your cry.

You will see that it is not the letter of the law that brings you freedom, but My Spirit that sets you free. I am taking you into an enlarged place and will be your Great Physician. I will surely remove deception and heartache from within you.  Now when you lift up your eyes, you will see My joy as I release you to soar in freedom. Leave deception and legalism behind, and embrace the liberty of My Spirit. The greatness of My GRACE is ready to break through, and you will release the cry of freedom!”
Chuck D. Pierce
Glory Of Zion International Ministries