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Turn To The Resurrected One And See!

19.04.2017, Daniel Glimm


“There is the presence of Jesus Christ as the RESURRECTED ONE, Who is standing in your territory to let you see into a new direction!
You are planted by God into the realm of Paradise to see Christ in a new way (see Genesis 2:8)!
It is because your relationship with the Lord gets intensified by the Holy Spirit!
In the midst of the realm of Paradise you begin to think and see in a new way, says the spirit of the prophet!
You face emptiness because the fullness of Christ's presence comes from the back (see John 20:14)!
It is about the resurrection power of the Lord and the end of one phase of time!
You start to turn your head because you begin to renew your mind into the mind of Christ (see Isaiah 55:8-9 i.c.w. 1 Corinthians 2:14-16)!
As you begin to comprehend the thoughts of Christ for this time, a new sound arises in your midst! It is the sound of God's given identity for you, says the spirit of the prophet (see John 20:16)!
The little part of your time that you have given Him by faith becomes the full stop of a period of time of your relationship with Christ which leads into an intensified time of relationship with Him!
Not only your face will turn to Christ but your whole body!
Not only a part of your life will turn to the supernatural but your entire life, says the spirit of the prophet!
You begin to walk in the supernatural with your God given identity!
While your whole life is facing the supernatural Christ your entire life begins to heat up!
Your mouth, your eyes as well your hands begin to heat up by the prophetic anointing that comes upon your life (see 2 Kings 4:32-35)!
You start to speak new words! You begin to see new things! You become active in a new way!
It is about the spirit filled way of God's given life for you!
Because you got in touch with the resurrection power of Christ your life gets resurrected!
The place in your life that seemed empty carries the victory – the finished work of Christ so that you turn your life into a new direction which is linked to the spirit filled way of life!
You get in touch with two different prophetic anointings! One will bring personal vision and promise back into your life (see 1 Kings 19:23)! The other will call you to come to a higher place for greater vision and destiny so that you will walk with a family of spirit filled saints (see 2 Kings 4:21.36)!”
Amen and Amen.
In His Wisdom,
Daniel Glimm