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A Year to Be Seen!

15.01.2017, Chuck D. Pierce


"This is a time of illumination and brightness. My anointing within you will now be released in such measure that the glow of My glory within you will cause you to be seen. This year it is YOU who I am going to make seen. You are constantly looking around you, but it's YOU that will be seen. This is your time to shine and be radiant! The glow within you that dwindled will now begin to rise up and cause your enemies to back off. Your light display will cause Me to rejoice, and I will cause laughter to be released towards your enemies.
"This is a year that you will be led forth in a new way. In the past, your resistance and hesitance kept you from advancing into My call. However, in this season you will now choose to go down that path with laughter and rejoicing. Although you have resisted pressing forward in the past, now is the time to get on the path. Get on My path for there is joy, laughter and great delight where I am leading you.
"I am going to 'vav' the joints in your body from head to toe. There is going to be a snap, crackle, and pop that begins to align your back, legs, and everything about you. I am going to snap you into place like tinker toys. As you worship and come before Me I am going to align you - body, soul, and spirit. Don't say 'This is a day like last year and nothing will come into place.' This is not a day like last year, and this is not a time like former times. As you come before Me this season, I will align you from Heaven to Earth. Enter into this season of positioning and watch the alignment begin!" (Acijam Otxoa, Chuck Pierce, Brian Kooiman, LeAnn Squier; January 8, 2017)
Chuck D. Pierce
Glory Of Zion International Ministries