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A Time to Rip Open Seams!

12.05.2016, Chuck D. Pierce


Dear Issachar Tribe,

Sunday was one of those days when you couldn’t help but hear the voice of the Lord. He asks us to celebrate Firstfruits because He desires we hear what He has to say.  When we choose to hear and listen to His voice, we are positioned to prosper in a new way. This journey began on Sunday with the release of a tongues message, and the following interpretation:

 “The way that you have been seamed together, and what you have displayed in days past, I am ripping out the seams. Some of you are being distressed because of the ripping that’s going on, but there is light captured within you that cannot come forth. Therefore, if you will allow Me to rip these seams, what I have put on you will be more of a translucent mantle, and what is in you will be seen. Let My light shine! Let My light shine! Let My light shine through you!

“What you are seeing in the earth in this hour, know that it is not just a move of revival. Although I will revive My people in a new way, this is not a move of revival. This is not just a move of restoration, though surely I will restore in this hour. I will restore what the canker worm and locust have eaten away, and the losses of the last season. But this is more than restoration. This is more than a move of transformation, but know that I will transform; I will make all things new. This move that I am releasing in the earth is a move of GLORY. For I am bringing back the glory that was lost, even at the fall. My people shall release a move of glory in this hour, and this glory shall brighten up the dark places of the earth. My glory will come and bring change. Darkness will not be able to overpower My glory, but My glory will overpower darkness.  This is your finest hour! Let the glory come -- even the glory that was upon My Son on the Mount of Transfiguration. It was the glory that was released. It was not just on My Son, but I have put it into My sons and My daughters -- that same inheritance of glory. This is the time I release My glory to brighten up and bring light out of darkness in this new season.”

At this point, Mary Ellen Jansen brought up to me a seam ripper. When she woke up that morning, the Lord told her to bring it to the service to give to me. She had no idea why she should bring it, but chose to be obedient to do so. Only the Lord could have orchestrated such an usual prophetic act to confirm the message He had brought forward through a tongue and interpretation! The revelation then continued:

“For this generation I am ripping out and bringing forth that new mantle, but I am also bringing a new source of provision for that next generation in these days. Where people thought you were just a weed to be plucked up and cast into the fire, I am going to transform those things into that which is glorious, to bring forth the fragrance of My glory. So invest into that which is to come, for the provision is here.

“In the last season many of you were in a wineskin, and it was not a wineskin of Me. In that ripping of the seams, you must listen to Me and release your sound as you have never before.  If you will take that sound and pierce those membranes that kept you from going forward, I will burst you forth. So arise, release you sound in this hour, and see My Kingdom established in your midst.”
(Acijam Otxoa, Chuck D. Pierce, Barbara Wentroble, Diane Roussel, Raymond Banks)
Know that there’s been something sewn into you that is coming loose so you can come into a new structure. The Lord wants you to know He is ready to rip a seam out of your life and put a new translucent garment on you that He can shine through you. 


Chuck D. Pierce
Glory of Zion International Ministries