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A Time of Re-Introduction!

13.01.2016, Chuck D. Pierce


Dear Prospering Ones,

Many times, we do not recognize how miraculous prophecy is. When the Spirit of God speaks to and through us, that is something supernatural. On Sunday morning, we heard how the Lord is establishing our future over the next six weeks. As you read and study the prophetic words we received, ask the Lord to reconcile all that needs to be reconciled so you can meet Him in a new way.

“I am coming to re-introduce Myself over the next six weeks. Know this will be a time when you may not see Me as you’ve seen Me before. Therefore, just like when the Lord of Hosts came to Joshua on the Plain of Jericho, and Joshua asked, ‘Are you for us or are you against us?’, it may not be discernable at first what I am there to do. But let Me introduce Myself to you and you will see Me, experience Me, and know Me like you’ve never known Me before. 

“In that new introduction I’m etching the Word in an all new way, and that etching is going to dance within you. Even as you come upon your enemy, the dancing of the etching of the Word will be so strong that you will not be captured, but your pathway will be sure and strong. So know that in these next six weeks of introduction the Word is going to etch deep and you will be able to walk a pathway that you have not walked to this day. 

"Many fluctuations will come over these next six weeks, but in the midst of the fluctuations I am going deeper to establish you stronger. That which is in your blood will come alive over these next six weeks.

"The enemy has begun to encircle the path that I have laid out for you in this time. It would be his plan to mask and cover up that which I have laid ground work for, but it will be your praise that will keep your path clear. The enemy is even beginning to uncover new weapons in this hour, but who can stop the roar of the Lion of Judah?  There is none who can mask that which I have destined to be. So find your footing this month, for the light of righteousness will illuminate that which has been going on in secret. You WILL be sure-footed as your praises arise.

"For this is a season that you are going to begin to ascend in new ways. For even as you climbed on a path, this path is going to take a turn; over this course of time the path is going to turn in such a way that you begin to climb in a way that you have not climbed before. For this is an ascending season for My people.  For even as you begin to rise and shine, I will cause your faces to radiate. I will cause you to lift your hands to Heaven, and I will cause Heaven and earth to begin to mirror and agree in news ways. So let your pathway begin to turn, turn, turn so this will be a season that you ascend and see My Glory in a new way. 

"I am coming like the lightning to unlock every circumstance that’s been held up. I am coming in power, and I am coming quickly. Behold, I am coming like the lightning to unlock that which has been held up in the Second Heaven. I am bringing it from heaven to earth.  In these next six weeks, I am coming in power, and I will unlock that which has been locked! 

"Do not expect anything to feel the same as you go forward. Don’t expect the things that you have done for years to even feel the same. This will be a time that you will look at everything that is happening with fresh eyes and new eyes. Rejoice in this and know that I will not let you stay in the same place. I have brought you too far to let you stay where you don’t belong anymore. When you get up tomorrow, thank Me. Thank Me for what I’m about to do, and thank Me that I won’t let you stay in the same place. Thank Me that I am bringing about things you could never even imagine. Let ‘Thank You’ be your first response on your lips for everything I do.”
  (Allen Faubion, Susan Shaulis, Acijam Otxoa, Chuck Pierce, Tobias Lyons, Brian Kooiman, Amber Pierce, Penny Jackson)

Chuck D. Pierce
Glory of Zion International Ministries