CRAZYCHRISTIANS is an apostolic-prophetic ministry in the Kingdom of God, that is lead by Daniel Glimm and his team.
The goal and task of this ministry is mainly to release the prophetic power of God into the church by word, script, music and arts (Revelation 19:10) as well to help by worship and teaching to support the unity of faith in the knowledge of Christ (Ephesians 4:12-13).
Among other things this happens by distributing the prophetic word on the website of CRAZYCHRISTIANS and also by the prophetic teaching at the apostolic center HOLY PLACE.
Ministry Partnership in the Kingdom of God

Every saint, who feels connected with us from CRAZYCHRISTIANS and with the ministry, that we do in the Kingdom of God, has the possibility to be in an apostolic alignment or rather with us in a ministry partnership.
For more information, please write to our

For His Kingdom

Daniel Glimm