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The Two Movements from the System of Babylon and the Presence of the Word of God

17.10.2020, Daniel Glimm

There are two influences in the field of the economy that are getting into the realm of God's wisdom, because ‘loss’ is there, which is causing even more destruction in the economy in order to gain illegal wealth by greed!
It is a mindset that comes from the ‘system of the harlot of Babylon’ and sees things as the means to an end in order to completely destroy the life of the economy (see Revelation 17:1-2)!
But there is the plan of God, which causes ‘harlotry’ to be drawn into the center of the wisdom of God to come into contact with the power of God's righteous judgment, says the spirit of the prophet!
It is the judgment that brings forth justice and rebukes corruption in the system of the economy of ‘Babylon’!
There is the global communist socialism that is being put in its place and shaken!
Illegal enrichment is judged by the verdict of God!
There is the command of the Son of God, which has already been given and is in the air!
It is the command that causes the revelatory truth of the Word of God to move in the heavens, which is hidden for the prince in the air!
It is the judgment that acts like a ‘secret weapon’, so that the corruption that goes along with the prince in the air is destroyed!
There is a lie that falls down and shines like a lightning, so that it cannot rise again (cf. Luke 10:18)!
Suddenly and overnight there is a loss which because of the presence of truth, sets ‘harlotry’ in motion, so that it comes into contact with the wisdom and righteousness of God!
It is the loss due to the ‘turn’ allowed by God, which is accompanied by sudden change overnight!
Because of the presence of truth and love on the ‘one side’, the call of mercy resounds in order to bring the truth to light and sustain the life of the economy!
It is a new beginning due to the grace of God, which people didn't expect!
What seemed to be lost is suddenly and unexpectedly coming back into the hands of those who practice truthfulness, says the spirit of the prophet (cf. 1 Kings 3:16-28)!”
Amen and Amen.
In His Wisdom,
Daniel Glimm