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The Movement of the Kingdom of God and the Confrontation

12.09.2020, Daniel Glimm

There is the fresh power of the anointing of the discerning of times, which assists in lifting up and proclaiming Jesus Christ as King!
There is the body of Christ who moves forward in the government of the Son of God and comes to the place where the anointing of the Most High is centered to move ahead in the transformation and strength of God!
There is the fullness of anointing that fills the spirit realm and the atmosphere with the royal government of the Son of God, says the spirit of the prophet (cf. Luke 19:35.37-38)! Join with those who have the tongue and ear of a disciple to remove tiredness in the form of inertia caused by the presence of the religious spirit (cf. Isaiah 50:4)!
There is the decreed presence of the ‘Shalom of God’, which emanates from the Prince of Peace and is linked to the walk in childlike faith and sonship of God (cf. Isaiah 9:6-7)!
Do not fear the religious spirit, which appears united because it is opposed to the united kingship of God!
The spoken words from the realm of the discipleship of Christ, creates a realm of space and time, into which you are entering and moving ahead!
Now is the time to fill the realm of the spirit within the atmosphere above the earth with the proclamation of the royal government of Christ, because it goes ‘down from the mountain’ to fill the ‘valley’ with vision (cf. Isaiah 22:1a i.c.w. 2 Kings 3:17)!
As a result, the voice of the religious spirit rises to try to stop the revelatory truth for this time and the weight of the glory of the Father! But this resistance will not last, because God as the Almighty releases great confusion (cf. Luke 19:39-40 i.c.w. Habakkuk 2:11; Isaiah 22:5)!
It is the united anointed proclamation that fills the heavens and covers the earth, so that the religious spirit is blocked!
Watch that you align with the discerning of God's time and thus pave the way for the future of the body of Christ, says the spirit of the prophet! It is a matter of the right time and place, and of aligning with the right saints in order to receive the weighty glory of the presence of Jesus (cf. Luke 19:35-36)!
There are ways that are covered because the curse is broken and the sphere of the Son of God is moving in order to bring forth liberty and salvation (cf. Isaiah 10:27)!”
Amen and Amen.
In His Wisdom
Daniel Glimm