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The Presence of the Angels and the New Movement of the Church

27.03.2020, Daniel Glimm

PROPHESIED ON THE 22’nd/24’th OF MARCH 2020 | 26’th/28’th OF ADAR 5780, NAJOTH BERLIN – SPANDAU
There is the presence of the worship of angels and the declaration from the realm of the angelic presence announcing the new time!
It is that supernatural announcement that activates the new movement of the church on earth!
This movement operates outside the ‘political spirit’ and leads directly into the presence of the Kingdom of God (Luke 2:8-14)!
As a result, the old serpent in its double facet is thrown from its position to fall (cf. Isaiah 11:8 i.c.w. Revelation 12:9)!
It is the kingdom government of the Son of God that leads to the increase of the testimony of Jesus, which doesn't ‘prognosticate’ but only proclaims the revelatory truth of the Spirit (cf. Revelation 19:10e)! It is the message of angels that echoes on earth and is brought to the place of the king's reign to breathe the Word of God into the Spirit of the Church in this time and decade!
It is the revelatory Word of God leading to the movement within the body of Christ on earth, says the spirit of the prophet (cf. Luke 2:19)!
There are bees set free and provided to judge the workings of darkness in the nations!
Fear not! I establish righteousness through the power of revelatory truth, says the LORD!
There are the colors yellow and black that make people react to in fear and say, ‘It's the virus!’ But the Lord says: ‘Do not look at the sign, but look at My creation!
The presence of MY bees brings justice and sweet revelation that generates fruit (cf. 1 Samuel 14:29)!’
Soon you will see the carcass of the evil ‘lion’ and in triumph you will draw from it My sweetness (cf. Judge 14:8-9)!’
There is the ‘lion’ eating grass together with the ‘lamb’ because the roaring resounds through the lamb (cf. Isaiah 11:6; Isaiah 65:25)!
There is the roar of the Lion of Judah that is channeled through the ‘Gazelle’!
Naphtali seizes the hand of Judah, says the spirit of the prophet!
From the new revelation of MY righteousness, I clothe MY bride in strength, which leads to acts of righteousness (cf. Revelation 19:8)!
Look to the children and the little ones!
Look at the children, how I will roar and speak through them!
I have chosen for ME a special sound of praise for this time, says the Lord (cf. Psalm 8:2)!’ (prophesied by Daniel Glimm, Tina Glimm, Heike Glimm)
Amen and Amen.
In His Wisdom
Daniel Glimm