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The Time of Divine Appointment

21.01.2020, Daniel Glimm

The new decade is not a time of disappointment, but of divine appointment and ointment!
There is the presence of the ‘river’ that points from John to Jesus Christ, because it is about the decreasing ‘things’ pointing to the greater things in Christ (cf. John 3:30)!
It is about the favor of God which secures the promise, says the spirit of the prophet!
The time of your own striving and struggle has come to an end, so that you may recognize your new identity in Christ, in which the quality of the relationship with God increases and in which you realize His fatherly guidance (cf. Mark 3:16-17)!
You go forward in a new way, which leads to deeper insight into God's revelatory realms, which help you see the Father's plan in a new way (cf. Genesis 32:30-31)!
You leave one place in order to enter the next place with Jesus Christ!
It is the place that is associated with intensified spiritual relationship!
Your understanding is transformed into power because a new sphere of God's communication touches your life, says the spirit of the prophet!
It is the power of God's breath carrying a question that is put to you in order to reveal to you where you stand and how you act (cf. Genesis 3:8-9 i.c.w. 1 Kings 19:12b-13)!
There are the sons of ‘Caleb’, who come from the ‘West’ and move forward with a new sound, which results in a new movement within the promise!
They are the sons of God who have eyes to see and ears to hear (cf. Numbers 14:6-8.24 i.c.w. Isaiah 32:3)!
It is about the unexpected that suddenly occurs because of commitment and faith!
There is an evil presence that suddenly has to give way to open the path to freedom, because the ‘crumbs of bread’ are under the covering presence of the fellowship with the God of Israel (cf. Matthew 15:22-28)!
There are divine encounters with people who at first seem small but suddenly lead to freedom and reveal the power of faith!
It comes from outside to work inside and strengthen the fellowship of the saints!
Can anything good come from Canaan? And the LORD says: “It is about the promise (cf. Exodus 6:4 i.c.w. Numbers 13:2)!”
Make sure that, with your God-given identity, you are within the framework of the Lion of Judah in order to speak what the Lion is roaring (cf. Amos 3:8 i.c.w. Revelation 5:5)!
Move with the presence of Jesus within you to the place God has predestined for this time!
There is Jesus Christ as the ‘newborn’ in ‘Egypt’, because it is about shelter and freedom (cf. Hosea 11:1 i.c.w. Matthew 2:13-15)!
There is Jesus Christ in Jerusalem, because it is about visitation, wisdom and government of God!“
Amen and Amen.
In His Wisdom,
Daniel Glimm