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I'll Destroy the Panic Maker!

07.10.2019, Daniel Glimm

There's a great buzzing in the atmosphere because two forces are clashing! It is the governing power of God emanating from His throne and throwing the panic-maker at the feet of the saints!
Begin to look at things with a raised head and do not react frightened!
Do not be afraid of danger, because danger will be restrained by you!
Do not be frightened, but take a step forward to secure your future in Christ Jesus!
Do not act with delay, but take a step forward in faith!
There is deception and panic, which fall so that you step on them, says the spirit of the prophet (see Luke 10:18-19)!
As you are taking the step of faith, supernatural empowerment is coming upon you, allowing you to act in flexibility! The result is that you enter an area giving you a new overview!
You will see from a completely new perspective the promise that the Lord has prepared for you in the future!
There are saints who the Lord has put in your way and who will help you to see your good future in Christ!
Watch out for the trees planted by the water, because there is an increase in faith (see Jeremiah 17:7-8)!
It is the time when you do not walk on stairs, but on a ladder! It is the way that requires everything from you (see Matthew 22:37-39)!
It is the way of the righteous who are not the hunted and who drive the enemy away (see Exodus 23:27 i.c.w. James 4:7)!
The light of prophecy shatters the false spoken words so that the harvest of righteousness can be seen, says the spirit of the prophet (see 2 Peter 1:19)!
There is God's call for simplicity in His people, which leads to the movement of His glory!
The Lord says: ‘I need wood to intensify My glory on earth (see Nehemiah 8:15)!’”
Amen and Amen.
In His Wisdom,
Daniel Glimm