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The Phase of Divine Shaping

26.05.2019, Daniel Glimm

There is the phase of time of reforming by the hand of the Lord and in which your spirit and your soul are shaped!
It is the training of eternity, by which the Holy Spirit teaches you the truth that comes with the revelatory knowledge!
Do not evade this training because it produces an important part of maturity in you that you need in the future and that is required of you by the God as the Ancient of Days!
Don't avoid the phase of divine shaping, because it is about your eternal being and the value in eternity, says the spirit of the prophet!
You are currently subjected to a circulating powerful movement, where you will be tested in your spirit and your soul, whether you want to enter deeper into the relationship with God, the Heavenly Father, or withdraw from it!
The circulating movement is like a powerful vortex of water caused by two different influences, capturing you by your current heart attitude where you have been seeking your own security (see Acts 27:40-41)!
The Holy Spirit comes with power and directs you towards a ‘standstill’ to separate false behavior coming from your past! The purpose of this is that you make the right decision in your present according to the will of God, in order to reach your next destination in the future, says the spirit of the prophet!
There is the presence of strong turbulence because God wants to spiritually upgrade you for your future!
Leave aside your own imagination and do not resist the shaping hand of God forming you in His biblical cycles in order to allow you to stand in the capacity of the future determined by Him (see Jeremiah 18:3-6)!
The God-given anointing to you causes you to enter a ‘waiting loop’ designed to produce greater quality in the future!
First your spirit is restructured and then your soul is!
This is about the training of eternity (see Ephesians 4:23)!
Don't reject the time in the ‘cistern’ and the ‘restriction’, because in retrospect you recognize the purpose and a great testimony is supposed to come out of it (see Genesis 37:23-24; Genesis 39:12.20 i.c.w. Genesis 45:4-5)!
Allow the presence of the Heavenly Father to come closer to you in order to intensify the relationship with you!
As a result, you enter into greater governmental authority (see Genesis 41:40-42 i.c.w. Genesis 45:8)!”
Amen and Amen.
In His Wisdom,
Daniel Glimm