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The Righteousness and Favor of God

31.01.2019, Daniel Glimm

There is the presence of the righteousness and justice of God causing you to safely and confidently go forward to bring His dominion, the Word of God and the adoration that you carry within you, to the place and area that appears wild (see Psalm 89:15 i.c.w. Ruth 1:1)!
You bring the culture of heaven through the value that is in you to people, in order to deliver them out of this region by the love and truth of God!
Do not be irritated if people who were close to you in the past cannot continue the way with you, because you are already in the process of walking on the new way which the Holy Spirit shows and which is connected with the hidden wisdom and knowledge of the Word of God (see Ruth 1,3-7a i.c.w. John 6,48; Colossians 2,2-3)!
There is the impact of the wings of the eagle of the God of Israel, which brings favor to those who willingly stand up for the cause of the Kingdom of God through fellowship in the Holy Spirit and diligence (see Ruth 2:2-12)!
As a result, saints are led by the Spirit of God into a new field that carries the intensity of God's fatherhood and reveals Jesus Christ as Bridegroom (see Ruth 2:3)!
There is the result of the spiritual training and the humble attitude of the heart so that the favor of God can be received and carried in a high standard, says the spirit of the prophet!
In the midst of repentance, the quality of God's favor is suddenly revealed, that is connected to the diligence of the saints (see Ruth 2:15-17)!
There is the presence of Jesus Christ and the presence of His ministering spirits surrounding the bridal church, because it is about the increase in the knowledge of the mystery of the Gospel (see Ruth 2:14 i.c.w. Matthew 13:39c; Ephesians 6:19)!
This is closely connected with the bridal church's dwelling in the heavenly places where Jesus Christ is, in order to increase from this area in the knowledge of the Word of God, says the spirit of the prophet (see Ephesians 2:6 i.c.w. Daniel 12:4)!
There are wind gusts preceding the bridal church and the storm of the bridegroom, which strengthens her back, causing vortexes that help separate the sheep from the goats (see Ezekiel 34:17 i.c.w. Matthew 25:32b-33)!
There are teachings that are shaken by the presence of the revelatory truth of God, so that the sheep and goats are revealed, in order to show the difference between humility and pride!
That which is low will be high, and that which is high will be humbled, says the spirit of the prophet (see Luke 3:5)!
Observe your God-given anointing and cooperate with the instruction of the Holy Spirit who leads you to come closer to Jesus Christ (see Ruth 3:1-4)!
The application of your anointing and your closeness to Jesus Christ as Bridegroom enable you to receive and carry His favor and presence in a new way, in order to cause a great blessing (see Ruth 3:15-17)!“
Amen and Amen.
In His Wisdom,
Daniel Glimm