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The Power of the Matrix of God

06.01.2019, Daniel Glimm

There is the power of the matrix of God activating His written Word so that the seed sown from the past sprouts in your heart!
What you did not know and unconsciously declared to be dead suddenly breaks through the surface!
It is something from the past that is developing in a new way by the guidance of the Holy Spirit, says the spirit of the prophet (see Isaiah 42:9 i.c.w. John 14:26)!
It is about the "letter" covered with dew of His light to make people break with their carnal nature and live in the nature of the Spirit instead (see 2 Corinthians 3:6 i.c.w. Isaiah 26:19)! As a result, the terrestrial world is shaken because the victory and triumph of the Cross of Jesus manifests itself on earth through the movement of His Spirit (see Matthew 27:51-52)!
This shaking is the awakening of God to make people recognize Jesus Christ in a new way!
There are anointings from the past that have waited for the movement of the KING and suddenly come out because it is about the resurrection power of Jesus Christ, who is bringing many believers to the high place of His government (see Matthew 27:53 i.c.w. Matthew 17:1-3; Colossians 3:1-4)!
There is the bread of glory which the Lord shares out among His people and leads to greater knowledge of the legislation of God, His prophetic word and His apostolic guidance (see Hebrews 9:4b-5)!
In order to obtain this knowledge, it is necessary to walk in the simplicity of Christ along with faith and boldness, which makes you to enter into the presence of God. This presence is like a dark chamber, a darkness that has nothing to do with evil, but is present because of the enclosing of the glory of God!
In order to recognize and correctly discern the consuming nature of God, it is essential that you decide to go through the dark and thick cloud to see in His light the revelation which the Lord has prepared for you personally, says the spirit of the prophet (see Exodus 20:21; Exodus 24:16.18a; 2 Chronicles 6:1 i.c.w. Psalm 36:9)!
It is the realm of the unknown that leads to the full revelation of the sonship of God with its rights and privileges, if you are ready to be led by the Spirit of God (see Romans 8:14).”
Amen and Amen.
In His Wisdom,
Daniel Glimm