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Stay Close to the Holy Spirit and See the Greatness of God!

27.12.2018, Daniel Glimm

There is the place and time where you find yourself in the midst of a challenge with some people who are close to you! This time of challenge seems like a pressing phase, because the hand of the Lord is working on you from the outside to let you enter into an expansion giving you a greater overview! This increase is linked to a higher level of divine love and His governmental presence, says the spirit of the prophet (see Mark 2:22 i.c.w. John 2:7-10)!
There is the hand of God that raises you up and the presence of His Spirit that expands you (see Genesis 2:7)!
Do not despise the phase of “downloading” because it is paving the way for “uploading” (see Ezekiel 1:28; Daniel 8:18.27; Daniel 10:15-19; Revelation 1:17-18)!
You cannot stand on high in the love of God if you do not have depth in the love of God (see Ephesians 3:17-19 i.c.w. John 12:24)!
There are things that you must hand over to receive something new and greater, says the spirit of the prophet (see Luke 6:38 i.c.w. Acts 20:35)!
Even if it feels as if you are in captivity, be aware that the Lord suddenly appears with His governmental presence and will call you to look deeper at the things He reveals! Don't fear “darkness” because it is the carrier of His feet (see Psalm 18:9 i.c.w. 1 Kings 8:12)!
It is about the walk in the power of faith and in the mysteries of God, says the spirit of the prophet!
Make sure that you stay close to the movement of the Holy Spirit, because He reveals the truth about the greatness of God and His government (see Ezekiel 1:1-3 i.c.w. John 16:13)!
Be aware of the presence of “the river” which carries the potential in order to bring the hidden treasures in Jesus Christ to light in your future (see Genesis 2:10-14 i.c.w. John 7:38-39a; Colossians 2:2-3)!
There is something before you, waiting for you to enter, in order to become your blessing and to bring to the surface this hidden potential within you!
You will be amazed of the potential within you, says the spirit of the prophet!
Your potential is like the “fertilizer” leading that what was about to be judged to become a work of grace for using potentiality (see Luke 13:6-9)!”
Amen and Amen.
In His Wisdom,
Daniel Glimm