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Create a Special Day!

13.10.2018, Daniel Glimm

There is the measure of time of certain life circumstances that has come to an end because God has prepared something greater and richer in blessings! This end is like a circumcision that separated the former time frame to see in the new time frame with enlightened eyes of the heart (see Joshua 5:5.7.9)!
There is light suddenly turning on and a new sound that begins, so that you can move forward with Jesus Christ in a fresh way!
That which you thought would not come back again will come back to you in a transformed and greater way!
It is the time that calls you to reach out to THE ONE who knows you!
Recognize the potential of the fruit of the Spirit that is prepared for you to taste! After you have tasted it, you will step into the God-led challenge to recognize the value of your progress and advance (see Galatians 5:22-23)!
That which is sweet is transformed into power to speak the truth in phases of challenge (see Revelation 10:10-11)!
There is the potential of time in your life, of which the adversary wants you to be convinced that it is just an ordinary time! But the Spirit of the Lord says: “This period of time carries “ears” to hear what the sons of God say! It is in expectation to bring forth a special day of joy and celebration"!
Do not believe the lie of the enemy that it is an ordinary time, says the spirit of the prophet!
There is the “upper” and the “lower water” waiting to be aligned!
It is about the potential of the revelatory truth already established in you which needs to flow out of you so that God releases His revelatory truth for this time!
The purpose of this is to bring you to your place of the future determined by Him, where a new understanding of giving based on the sacrifice of Jesus will be revealed to you (see Genesis 7:11 i.c.w. Genesis 8:4.14.20)!
It is the time in which the Lord increases in you and extends you in your inner being (see John 3:30)!
Make sure that you are in the new wine skin structure, which has been designed to carry the greater capacity of the Lord for the time to come (see Matthew 9:17).”

Amen and Amen.
In His Wisdom
Daniel Glimm