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The Meat in the Fold of the Garment

10.09.2018, Daniel Glimm

There is meat in the fold of the garment!
And the Lord says: “It is the weight of My truth! It is the weight of My word! I want to use the meat – the truth in your life (see Haggai 2:12a)!
When I begin to use the “meat” in your life, I send you to places which become consecrated places through My Presence!
It is My sacrifice that you must carry in order to be able to speak the truth in revelatory knowledge!
I am hidden in you and want to move with My presence! In the same way I placed Moses in the cleft of the rock and touched his face with My Hand, covering his eyes so that he would be able to see the One who is the Eternal, the Beginning and the End, I also want to give you vision about My Being through My presence (see Exodus 33:21-23; Revelation 22:13)!”
At the moment it is not about understanding the beginning, but rather the end!
When you understand the ending, then you align yourself according to the will of the Father, says the spirit of the prophet!
The glory that surrounds you begins to connect with the glory that you carry within you, because it is the Father's will to unite His glory with the sonship of Jesus in your life (see John 17:21-23 i.c.w. Isaiah 60:1)!
It is similar to the time of Elijah the prophet when he called Elisha by taking him under his mantle. It was the glory of the prophet as “Father” that covered Elisha as “son” in order to be in the “fold” of the “Father” (see 1 Kings 19:19)!
This had led Elisha entering into prophetic servant hood, which brought him to honor and to a higher spiritual realm with greater impact (see 2 Kings 3:11 i.c.w. Matthew 23:11)!
The presence of God produces humility, which in turn leads to greatness (see 1 Peter 5:6)!
It is God who places you in His presence, that carries the realm of access to the deeper things you do not know! These deeper things are connected to the thoughts of His heart! This realm of God's presence requires His permission and favor of access (see Revelation 4:1-2)!
It is the realm of God's emotions which is encircled by His consuming fire in order to ignite (see Deuteronomy 4:24; Hebrews 12:29)!”
Amen and Amen.
In His Wisdom,
Daniel Glimm