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Speak to Your Circumstance!

12.06.2018, Daniel Glimm

There is the presence of Jesus in the midst of your circumstance, in which you feel that JESUS is silent!
But the Lord says that this is the time when you should come to rest in His Son to speak to your circumstance in authority with words of the Spirit immersed from above (see Mark 4:37-39)!
There is that bold sound that rests within you and that you do not yet know! It will suddenly arise in you, connected with a faster heartbeat!
You are resting in order to suddenly rise in boldness with a vision to release light where you are, so that people get attracted to what you speak (see Isaiah 60:1-3)!
Where it has been dark before, it will suddenly be light, says the spirit of the prophet (see Matthew 4:16)!
There is authority in Jesus Christ that leads to awe and His presence that awakens (see Mark 4:41 i.c.w. Matthew 14:25-26)!
It is about the sound that comes out of Jesus' rest and the sound that comes out of the movement of the Spirit!
Uprising resistance is overcome and His people are called to approach according to His movement of the Spirit (see Matthew 14:28-29)!
There are three different spiritual influences you get into contact with! It is the tossing wave (see James 1:6)!
It is the wave that rises upwards and the wave that rolls out in width!
Take care that no doubt interferes with your faith, but let your faith rise to dissolve the wave of doubt!
This situation is an indication that a season has come to an end to let you walk in your promise in the new time!”
Amen and Amen.
In His Wisdom,
Daniel Glimm