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The Entrance Into The Given Promise

02.04.2018, Daniel Glimm

There is the high dimension of the vitality of God carrying the sound that announces the new day!
It is a “cry” that turns into “singing” because it is about the time to bring light into the darkness in order to illuminate the things that are hidden!
There is the time that has been promised to you by the LORD in which you are now in and where you begin to act according to His word promised to you in order to experience the fulfillment of it, says the spirit of the prophet.
There are two different influences connected with the cold and the warmth, because the Lord is about to raise you up with His hands in a new way and to intensify the presence of His Spirit in you (see John 18:18 i.c.w. John 21:15-17)!
You will go ahead uncompromisingly and speak the words of God that burn like a fire in you (see Jeremiah 20:9 i.c.w. Jeremiah 23:29)!
You will begin to act according to the promise of the Son of God and speak the words He has spoken into you!
Do not be irritated and intimidated by the enemy who has in mind that you would turn away from the promise!
Stay faithful to Jesus Christ!
Recognize your mission and break the covenant breaker's attack by destroying doubt and unbelief!
It is about following the crucified and resurrected One, so that the presence of the Heavenly Father is seen and heard (see John 21:19b)!
Pay attention to how you will be called by name in the times ahead, because the presence of God will be revealed in it!
There is the sphere of relationship, which is associated with greater proximity and authority!
It is similar to what happened when Jesus Christ lived on earth and called His disciples as disciples for the first time, then they were called as apostles and later as His children (note: sons; see Luke 6:13 i.c.w. John 21:5a)!”
Amen and Amen.
In His Wisdom,
Daniel Glimm