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The Planting Of God

03.03.2018, Daniel Glimm

PROPHESIED ON FEBRUARY 27'th 2018 | 12'th OF ADAR 5778

„There is the presence of the Word of God, which is channeled to you through the power of Jesus' testimony (see Revelation 19:10e)! It brings about a change in the substance of your ground because you are planted by the Word of God to be replanted into a new ground!
The divine replanting takes place because something new has risen in you and you have experienced the Spirit of the Lord in a special way (see Jeremiah 1:10 i.c.w. Isaiah 11:1-2; Isaiah 43:9)!
It is the replanting that integrates you with your spiritual values into your promise, says the spirit of the prophet!
You have moved for a long time in the Spirit, but now is the time when you are secured in your calling to see and experience the unfolding of your promises!
It is about beauty, glory, splendor and strength that are connected with your promise!
There is the hand of God that touches you so that the time of glory and beauty begins for you (see Jeremiah 1:9)!
Pay attention to the instruction of the Word of God because it contains your protection which makes you bold to accept the divine mission and to put it into practice in your life!
God protects you so that you can protect others, says the spirit of the prophet!
The instruction of His Word shapes you because therein His being is hidden in order to speak the words of truth that are connected with the life of the Spirit!
Make sure that you only speak the words that the Spirit of God puts into you to produce true life!
It is the time of supernatural creativity that brings forth new fields so that people can move in freedom and joy!
You create a "space" for others, which will bring you great delight, says the spirit of the prophet (Genesis 2:8)!”
Amen and Amen.
In His Wisdom,
Daniel Glimm