CRAZYCHRISTIANS is an apostolic-prophetic ministry in the Kingdom of God, which contributes, that the Body of Christ shall be equipped, encouraged, exhorted and comforted. For detailed information please look at ABOUT.

Daniel Glimm

Investment prophetic chamber

The rubric of the prophetic words is a project of CRAZYCHRISTIANS and based on voluntary contribution. We appreciate your generosity by investing in this ministry and thank you that we can continue to provide this service.
Note: CRAZYCHRISTIANS is not an official organization so we can´t send you a tax deductible receipt.

14.07.2020, Daniel Glimm
The Eyes of the LORD in the Form of Wisdom and Knowledge
08.07.2020, Daniel Glimm
The Various Types of Cherubim in the House of God
02.07.2020, Daniel Glimm
The Undergarment of Jesus and True Humility
27.06.2020, Daniel Glimm
Coming under the Wings of the Eagle

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Prophetic Art
prophetic art and graphical image representation

Spiritual Art Production- Simon Glimm

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