Darren Canning is a preacher, writer, artist, father and husband. He has traveled widely releasing God's words of destiny over lives, towns and regions. He has been to 18 nations and operates with a strong prophetic and healing gift and sees many people touched by the power of God.
Darren is a regular contributor to many prophetic publications including the Elijah List, SpiritFuel and the Identity Network. His writings have been read worldwide by hundreds of thousands of people. He has a passion to reach people through social media. He has been interviewed by the Trinity Broadcasting Network, Firestarters TV, Radio Air Jesus and a few other TV programs.
Darren came out of a life of agnosticism and once worked for the Canadian Government as an Economic Analyst. He is now full time in ministry and travels the nations releasing his message of hope.
He is a true miracle working revivalist that understands how to move in the Glory Presence of God with the heart to build local churches with prophetic insight.
Darren is a unique gift to the body of Christ as a glory carrier that accurately hears and ministers the heart of God.
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